Core Values & Objectives

Core Values & Objectives

Relationship With Christ

Upper Columbia Academy is a school where students actively seek a relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study, service and evangelism.

Family Atmosphere

The staff and community at Upper Columbia Academy care deeply for youth and invest their time and resources to build Christ-centered relationships with students.

Student Leadership

We equip students to serve mankind by empowering them with leadership responsibility today.

Academic Diversity

We provide a high quality, diverse curriculum offering students many alternatives to meet their academic needs.

School Objectives


  • Strong academic foundations
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Critical thinking
  • Learning experiences that reflect Seventh-day Adventist values
  • Self motivated life-long learning skills
  • Aesthetic values and talents
  • Challenge for educational excellence


  • Healthful living habits
  • Appreciation of the value and dignity of labor


  • Social growth consistent with Biblical standards
  • Unselfish service to church family and community
  • Appreciation of the worth of all people
  • Personal mission to take the gospel to the World
  • Preparation for the soon return of Jesus


  • Growing knowledge of God as Creator and Sustainer of life
  • Development of a Christian Character
  • Ethical Christian decision-making
  • Utilization of Christian principles in the use of their God-given talents
  • Appreciation for the Word of God
  • Prayer, worship and faith experience
  • Recognition of God’s complete ownership