Junior Internship Program

Upper Columbia Academy
Junior Internship Program

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to former and future Business Partner Mentors.  The time and effort you extend to our students makes such a tremendous difference in their lives.  Thank you so much.


The intention of the Upper Columbia Academy Internship Program is to encourage students to dream of a promising future by providing them experiences in the real-world environment of their possible career choices.  These experiences help students clarify their decisions as they look ahead to college and other training programs.


  • Dates:
    • Internships: March 4th-8th Students and Mentors finish March 8th with an exit interview.
  • Work Time Expectations:
    • Students to work a regular work day (this can vary by type of internship work, but should be 5 days a week, 6 hours per day from 10am-4pm)

Insurance – Interns are covered by UCA liability insurance while on-site or participating in any activity related to their internship.

Transportation – UCA will provide transportation for most interns, while some interns’ families will arrange their transportation.

Program Features

  • All Upper Columbia Academy juniors are required to complete an internship with a local organization. The internship consists of an orientation followed by a one-week, full-time immersion at the work site, concluding with the intern’s report or presentation of learning. Students receive credit for successfully completing their internship and related course work.
  • Each student is paired with a workplace mentor who understands and supports the goals of the program.
  • All interns develop a report or presentation based on their internship experiences and the exit interview conducted by their Mentor.

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