Prayer PATCH

Thank you for praying for UCA staff and students. Below are the latest prayer requests:

  • New students
  • Students energy level
  • Senior plans
  • Friendships
  • Spiritual growth
  • Prayer Patch Postcard Ministry
  • Staff changes
  • Roommate Changes


“Please pray for my family, for SWOP, for my grades, and for the constant outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our campus. Thank you so much by the way it means a lot. God bless.”

“Please pray for our new students that they will feel welcome and know they belong at UCA.”

“If you could pray for my work here at UCA to be Spirit led and free of self, I would so appreciate that. I’m so grateful for your prayers.”

“I need God to give me strength to be there for others. I love helping people. It makes life happier and helps me forget about myself.”

“I want peace so badly right now…God’s peace…”

“For all the seniors as they choose what they will be doing next year and for the rest of their lives.”

“I pray that God will give me strength right now…someone came into my life and ruined it…and I don’t know what to do…”

“I am having a tough time adjusting …  I need the strength to cope with this change….”

“I would like you to pray for my family. I would also like you to pray for my friend.”


“Please pray for me as I think I have lost a friend.”

“I’ve been doing my best in school and have been trying to keep my grade over a C but it’s been really difficult lately and I feel like no matter how hard I try and how much I work on a assignment, I just don’t get the results I’m looking for… :( I am really discouraged and am doing everything I can to keep it from going down anymore… Please Pray that I can have the wisdom and proper knowledge to get better grades. Thank you so much! I also have a silent request…”

“My little brother”

” . . . brother, has started drinking and doing drugs. He is depressed all of the time, and his focus has never been on his creator. He has gotten so depressed that he considered suicide. Please pray for him” and his sister.

“At a Christian school it is often harder to be a devout Christian than it is at a public school. Christian friends have a greater influence on you and when you see them doing something that is questionable, it is often easier to follow them and take their example because they are Christians. It is justifiable. Please pray that we will commit to God and his morals. Pray that we will stay on the path and not stray away.”

Ongoing Prayer Requests:

  • New students
  • Influences
  • Healing
  • Student choices
  • Music performances
  • Travels
  • Deadlines
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Friend having a baby
  • Concern about failing a class
  • Disappointment
  • Illness
  • Challenges
  • Unspoken
  • Student stressed
  • Mother diagnosed with cancer
  • Family’s salvation
  • Illness
  • Testing
  • Homework
  • Study habits
  • Dorm students
  • Village students
  • Friendships
  • ASB
  • Organization
  • Studies
  • Roommates
  • Students with financial needs
  • Students still wanting to come
  • New students – adjustments
  • Taskforce workers
  • Enrollment
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Prayer PATCH program
  • Paying Off Cafeteria Project – Donate Now! Dining Commons and Water Tower Plaza

Prayer PATCH (People Actively Touching Children’s Hearts) has been a UCA tradition for more than 20 years. The Prayer PATCH program matches a current student with someone who specifically prays for that student throughout the school year. This year we added to that by creating this Prayer PATCH prayer request page. Students can email prayer requests to to be prayed for specifically and corporately by our UCA extended family.

Prayer is powerful. Your prayers will help students make good choices, do well in their studies, and feel the presence of God.

Make this a favorite page that you come to often to pray for these students and their prayer requests. We try to update it every Friday. In respecting their privacy the student name or personally specific information will not be listed, but the Lord knows.

Prayer PATCH is one of those ministries where you may not realize the difference you made until you get to Heaven, but please know your prayer ministry is appreciated. Encourage prayer groups at work, school, or church to pray for these requests.

Thank you for praying for our UCA students and staff.

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NIV

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