UCA Live

Live Audio

Audio will be live streamed for most events including major weekends, vespers, and church services that happen in the church or in the gymnasium.  For privacy, audio will not be streamed for Student Week of Prayer.

Audio player will only start when we are actively streaming.

2019 Senior Recognition Weekend - Talent Show

2019 Senior Recognition Weekend - Sabbath School and Church

2019 Senior Recognition Weekend - Friday Vespers

2019 Choral Clinic

2018 Christmas at The Fox

2018 Family Weekend - Amateur Hour

2018 Family Weekend - Church Service

2018 Family Weekend - Vespers

2018 Alumni Weekend - Church Service

2018 Alumni Weekend - Friday Vespers

2017-2018 Alumni Weekend Live Stream Archive

2017 Alumni Weekend - Church Service

2017 Alumni Weekend - Friday Vespers

"To Honor" UCA Vietnam Memorial

2017 Alumni Weekend - Vietnam Memorial Dedication