Echo Log Archives (Yearbook)

Following the burning of the Upper Columbia Conference Office (Fall 2008), UCA began making digital backups of the historical photos, yearbooks, and videos in our archives. These digital records are being saved in many locations to ensure the survival of records in the event of a disaster similar to that of the UCC Offices.

The online digital yearbook archive is one result of this undertaking.  The online editions of the yearbooks are presented in their complete printed form -except for pages which contain personal information.

Not only do we want these yearbooks to be preserved but we also want them to be useful.  Many alumni call UCA every year to see if there are copies of their yearbook still available.  On each digitized yearbook you can find a link  that allows you to download the entire yearbook, print a copy, or view it in full screen.  You can also download the PDF version of a yearbook and load it onto your iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.

Digitizing our past is a major undertaking & thank-you’s go to Jeff (class of 2010) & Shayla (class of 2011) for digitizing the raw materials and Linnea Torkelsen with the Alumni Office for providing materials and artifacts for preservation. Many thanks also goes to Mark Janke (class of 1998) for heading up this project.

Yakima Valley Academy (YVA) was the original academy.  In 1946, YVA relocated & renamed itself to Upper Columbia Academy.  Therefore, you will find annuals from both schools that are part of the same legacy in these archives.

Enjoy browsing through the history of YVA & UCA one page at a time.

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